Our Handfasting is April 30th 2010

Our Handfasting – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions we have been asked about our handfasting and the reception:

What is a handfasting? The best answer for that is already on the page What Handfasting Means To Us you can find a lot out about the ceremony and what handfasting is there.

When is the ceremony planned for? We plan to have our handfasting ceremony at 2:00 on April 30th 2011, this is the 1 year and 1 month anniversary of when Alex and I started dating and will be 4 days after my 1 year weight loss surgery anniversary.  The handfasting Ceremony is like the wedding but we will be getting legally married a month before that.   I have always thought April would be the best time for a wedding in my grandmother’s yard but we want to get married sooner so that we can have all the name change and legal issues out of the way by May 1st.

Where will it be held?  Are the ceremony and the reception at the same place? Yes both the handfasting ceremony and the potluck reception will be held in my grandmothers backyard on the first bench near Rose Hill and Latah in Boise Idaho, I will be sending out the address with the invitations.

Parking is limited on the street so if anyone can carpool it would be great.

Potluck?  What can I bring? We are having an Italian themed potluck, most of the larger dishes are already arranged but there are always smaller things to bring, the best thing to do is closer to the date give me a call at the phone number on the invitation and we will figure out what we need.  If you have special dietary needs be sure to let me know and we will figure out what you can eat.

We are also having a dessert bar, we are providing cake but desserts are always a great option.

How should I dress? This is an outdoor, afternoon mid-spring event, and we will be taking a lot of photos, please dress comfortably but in a way you want to be photographed in… Photogenically casual works well…LOL

Photos? We are asking everyone who can to bring their Digital cameras and to take as many photos as you want and we hope you will share them with us and with each other so we have started a Flickr PRO account where you will be able to upload your photos and download other peoples photos in their original sizes and formats.

At this time we have all of our engagement photos on the account and you can see them at http://www.flickr.com/photos/alexandtrina/

Can I bring my kids? Sorry but we are asking that no children be brought to this event.  This was really hard for me to decide on but my grandmother’s backyard is not very big and we are having between 40 and 50 guests so there is not enough room for children to be running around at all.  We are asking that no children between the ages 1 and 16 come to the event, and that if any babies are brought they are taken in the house during the ceremony.

We are having a picnic the next week on May 7th at Camel’s Back Park so that more of our friends and Family can come celebrate with us, children are more than welcome at this event, more info as we make reservations.

What do you and Alex want for your handfasting?  Are you registered anywhere? As far as gifts go Alex and I are saving for a much better mattress since the one I have is cheap and not very good so donations to a good nights sleep are welcome but if you want to see the kind of stuff we like we do have a gift registry on amazon or the other gifts we are interested in at https://handfastingblog.wordpress.com/registry-information/

Please feel free to leave any questions in the comment box and I will answer them as I get them..


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  1. luke zegel said:

    Hey there,

    Can you connect me with someone whom can perform teh hand fasting ceremony in Vancouver BC?


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