Our Handfasting is April 30th 2010

That word

Something I wrote when we started seeing each other



You know that word?
The one word you are sure you SHOULD know?
Maybe you saw it/heard it/thought it/ felt it once & and it would be the perfect word for the situation?
Somehow you know it is on the tip of your tongue and if you could just find it it would wrap up 100 words/thoughts/feelings up into one perfect word?
You swear you can hear it, like a sound just out of range, you can see it on the paper but you can not really read it as if you saw it in a dream, you feel the word and it is both a weight and a lightness inside pushing to get free.
Because that one word will make it all make sense, it will all fall into place and they will finally understand.
You know that word?
Yeah well love is not enough of a word when I think of you compared to the word I just can’t put my finger on.


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