Our Handfasting is April 30th 2010

Photos of Alex and me

These are  some older pictures from our relationship as well as the ones from our Engagement sets done in Nov of 2010, we hope to have another set done sometime in March or April 2011

As for wedding photos:  YOU CAN HELP

We are asking everyone who can to bring their Digital cameras to the Handfasting and to take as many photos as you want and we hope you will share them with us and with each other so we have started a Flickr PRO account where you will be able to upload your photos and download other peoples photos in their original sizes and formats.

We will be providing cards with the URL and the password at the ceremony so you can upload pictures tafterwards.

At this time we have all of our engagement photos on the account and you can see them at http://www.flickr.com/photos/alexandtrina/

We will also have a mini laptop computer and a multi-card reader if you want to give us your photos on the spot


Comments on: "Photos of Alex and me" (2)

  1. Wow!!! 0_0

    T’rina, you look AMAZING!!! You must have lost a ton of weight since July! You really look sooo much healthier, thinner and definitely more radiant in these super cute engagement pictures than in the tartan pictures.

    You go, girll!!

  2. The second set of engagement photos is also very beautiful!!

    BTW, the picture with the last numbers being ep20 is definitely the funniest IMHO. Your facial expression, T’Rina, is like “guess where my other hand is…”

    Sorry if this was inappropriate but that smile of yours is just so… well … naughty.. 🙂

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